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Hello world!

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OK, redoing the site… come back another time

New Image of the Cat’s Eye Nebula

Claire De Lun

Molecular Visualization

This video is freaky

I Lava U

Uploaded by eniac2000 Posted a new video, hope you like it


3000 Barrels

this has been out for a while, but it’s still cool

Xnth Demo Release Date Delayed…

For a number of reasons, we are pushing the Xnth Demo release date out by a few days… But not by more than a week or two. It is worth the extra wait, trust me Nerd
Also, I would like to announce that we have a new member on the team. His name is Boris Batkin, and he is an amazingly talented programmer who is helping to polish off some serious issues such as Vista support and other super secret aspects of the project.
FYI, that brings the team member count to a whopping 3!

The Dark Side of Light


What you never knew about ‘Laser Speckle’

The Dark Side of Light

The model of vortex structure in laser speckle. Open vortex lines are in red while closed vortex loops are in white. Credit: OHolleran et al.


"No dawg, you don’t get it."

Acephalous: Dawg, We Is Underscrewed


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